Meet My Family: Our Love Story

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. 🌻

Gods hands were all over our story, just as we prayed for them to be!

It all began in 2009. I taught preschool in the Lovejoy ISD, where I was also a former elementary student years and years ago. My mom taught at the preschool also, but in a different classroom. My mom taught the grandson (Weston) of MY former Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Russell. (My mom and her were also great teacher friends).. are you following me? 😉 I truly thought the world of Mrs. Russell and could see such sweetness in her grandson, Weston. He was definitely my favorite student!

     So, my sweet mom began persuading me to come into her classroom in the mornings to ‘check-out’ Justin Russell, dad to three year old Weston. Sounds completely creepy, right? Isn’t this what most loving mothers do though? She didn’t get anywhere with me, so, like most committed mothers who want the best for their daughters, she went to him. To her defense, they had a great relationship, because she had known him through the years (and was friends with his mom, like I previously said). After he told her he wasn’t really interested in dating anyone right now and just wanted to focus on his son, my interest grew for him! 

(Justin had just stepped out of the tunnel of a year-long divorce ‘battle’ concerning the best interest of little Weston. Justin was dedicated to protecting and raising Weston. Justin was given primary custody of Weston in 2009. Just recently, we were given sole custody of Weston. Our sweet boy has been through a lot. – I come from a divorced family. It’s so incredible when we can see trials that we’ve faced come to full light, and see God’s master plan. I love that I can understand Weston’s feelings and understand the situation a little better. )

Okay, back to the beginning! 😊

    On a Friday morning in January of 2010, I was needed in my mom’s classroom. I walked through our connecting classroom doors, and seconds after I did… in walked my future husband, and I literally knew it. God laid it right on my heart in that moment! Apparently, things like that really do happen. 🎉 

Side note: I think it’s crazy that we played at the same house (his best friend had a little sister who was my best friend), went to the same schools, had parents that were friends, had many mutual church leaders and teachers, and then were brought together years later. God gets the glory!

We built a friendship and then dated for two years while I finished college at Texas A&M- Commerce for my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6th. Justin continued to rise in position at Wells Fargo during this time.

     PROPOSAL TIME! Justin proposed at an iPic theater that he rented out on September 5th, 2011. Our family surrounded us and a friend recorded a video of the entire event. Little 6 year old Weston brought me red roses and Justin created an absolutely beautiful proposal video with his commitments to me and photos of us. YES! I DO! We ate dinner and dessert in the theater, and watched a great movie! It was one of the greatest days of my life! 

We married on March 2nd, 2013 in our church. We said our vows in front of full pews of 300 people that we loved!

Immediately following our wedding, we took the most magical honeymoon cruise through Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel for a week.

We returned to a sweet little boy, who desperately missed us. There were so many hugs and happy tears in the airport on that day! We also returned to our new apartment, where we lived together for the first time! We did what you’re supposed to do after you marry- buy a puppy together! We named him Vader, which only seemed fitting as he’s a black schnauzer. ❤

We enjoyed several vacations in the first two years of our marriage! We LOVE to travel!!!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Durango, Colorado

Oahu, Hawaii

  Oahu, Hawaii

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

      Houston, Texas

      About a year after we married, in the summer of 2014, we moved into our first home in Allen, TX, our hometown, where Weston began the 2nd grade. I taught for two years at his elementary school, and we loved sharing school days together.


In September of 2014, only three months after moving in to our new home, we found out we were going to have a baby!

On May 27th, 2015, we welcomed little Wellington Lee Russell into our family! Justin and I made the decision for me to stay-at-home and take a break from teaching. I have poured my heart and soul into being a Proverbs 31 wife and a loving and active mother for Weston and Wells. These are the days. 

     We plan to continue growing our family of little Russell’s… so, stay tuned! ❤

Thank you for reading my story! 


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